We are a Greek Orthodox parish, part of the oldest Christian tradition dating back to 33 A.D., the day of Pentecost. 
We trace our roots back to the Apostles and their teachings.
We are a stronghold of the moral, theological, liturgical and spiritual traditions of the Early Church.
We invite you to come and join us to experience the worship of Early Christianity in the modern setting.

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Commencing the Celebration of the

25th Anniversary of the Founding of our Parish

On August 5, during the Vespers of the Feast of the Transfiguration of our Lord

Feast Day Vespers-2014

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Our Pilgrimage Group with Patriarch Theophilos of Jerusalem

Group with Patriarch Theophilos-small

Our Pilgrimage Group at the Jordan River

Pilgrimage-at Jordan River


Special moments from the Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

At the Holy Sepulcher-The Source of Eternal Life


Entering the tomb of Christ – The place of the Resurrection

Watch the video here: http://youtu.be/as9_Vx3Xfcc


The place where the body of Christ was laid

The place where the body of Christ was laid in the tomb

The roch that covered the tomb of Christ

Small part of the rock that covered the tomb of Christ. This is the rock the angels moved at the Resurrection