We are a Greek Orthodox parish, part of the oldest Christian tradition dating back to 33 A.D., the day of Pentecost. 
We trace our roots back to the Apostles and their teachings.
We are a stronghold of the moral, theological, liturgical and spiritual traditions of the Early Church.
We invite you to come and join us to experience the worship of Early Christianity in a modern setting.

What is the Greek Orthodox Church? – Click here to view and download a flyer

What is the Orthodox Church? – Click here to read a very nice informative article


Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving for Americans is a family event. The roots of this feast are found in the inclination of the human heart to offer thanks to God for the abundance of blessings which He has bestowed upon us. Theologically speaking, this feast is an extension of the Divine Liturgy – the Holy Eucharist (in Greek “Eucharistia”=thanksgiving).

As Orthodox Christians, who value the unity and strength of the family, we are inclined to adopt this feast as our own, especially at a time when the institution of the family is under attack from all directions. Considering the traditional Thanksgiving meal, however, which involves turkey, ham and dairy products, Orthodox Christians trying to hold the fast of Christmas are faced with the dilemma: Should I hold the fast and go contrary to the established social and cultural norms associated with Thanksgiving Day or should I break the fast in order to facilitate the need of blending in and not making others uncomfortable with my presence?

Several years ago, responding to the request of the faithful under its jurisdiction in America, the Patriarchate of Constantinople applying “economia” discreetly granted its blessing for those who live in America to break the fast on Thanksgiving Day while focusing on the unity of the family and the “eucharistic” aspects of this feast, but quickly return to the observance of the fast immediately afterwards. The non-Orthodox cultural norm is thus transformed through our theology and this pastoral approach to a positive element for the strengthening of family bonds, while keeping with the necessity of our spiritual ascesis of fasting.


NEW YORK – His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of America, on behalf of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, expressed the disbelief, outrage, pain and sorrow of the entirety of the faithful, at this latest manifestation of evil and violence at a small church in rural Sutherland Springs of Texas.

Archbishop Demetrios made the following statement:

“We are in total shock and disbelief in this unfathomable explosion of violence. We hurt and grieve for the loss of life of innocent people just at the time of prayer and Sunday worship. We, as a nation are in mourning; we stand in unity and solidarity and we embrace the people of Sutherland Springs, the survivors, the families and friends of those who unjustly and prematurely lost their lives. We, as a nation and we the Orthodox Christians in the United States are again in a constant state of fervent prayer and supplication to Almighty God for healing, solace and guidance to the living and for the repose of the souls of those who perished.”


The Remarkable Gregorys of  Christianity

at the Chapel of the Diakonia Retreat Center

Homily by Fr. Panayiotis Papageorgiou-Click below to listen


Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

When humanity is falling apart!

What is the cause of the Las Vegas Massacre? Where have we failed?
The inconceivable has happened: Bullets are flying and people are dying, but no-one knows why! Will we ever figure out what is happening to us? Is this just plain evil as brought about by hatred, bigotry, or any other one of our vices, or is it simply the result of our accumulated sicknesses brought about by our broken upbringings and the social stresses we are experiencing? Modern man is a result, after all, of our modern society where boundaries have been removed, and the virtues have only to do with material success, pursuit of our own “happiness” and fulfillment of our selfish desires. Perhaps this is where we will find the source of our failure.

Listen to Fr. Panayiotis’ Sermon on the Las Vegas Shooter and what we can do about it:

Let’s hope that what happened in Vegas will stay in Vegas

Conference on Christian Spiritual Formation

September 22-24, 2017

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The Protestant Reformation and the Christian East

A presentation by Fr. Panayiotis Papageorgiou, Ph.D. given on May 8, 2017 at Lutherstadt-Wittenberg, Germany on the occasion of the 500-year anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation:
A Historical Survey and Study of the Communications between the Reformers and the Patriarchs Joasaph II and Jeremias II. In addition, an overview of the events surrounding the Calvinist Patriarch Cyril Lucaris and Conclusions about the events and exchanges of the 16th and 17th centuries.
A lot to learn and consider for our times, as well.

Click here to download the AUDIO FILE of the Presentation.

Click on the Link below to download Fr. Panayiotis’ Paper on the Reformation and the Christian East:

“The Protestant Reformation and the Christian East,” by Fr. Panayiotis Papageorgiou


“Feeding the Children Sunday”

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Celebrating Sunday of Orthodoxy


The Visit of Archbishop Makarios of Kenya – A Great Blessing


Our New Parish Council – 2017 


Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

Listen here for Fr. Panayiotis’ Christmas Sermon:

Is Christmas a Political Event? You will be surprised at the conclusions!



Was Christ Really Born on December 25?

Click on the link above to read the full article by Fr. Panayiotis


 Blessing of the Animals

Sunday, December 18 at 3:00 pm

Holy Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church, 3431 Trickum Road NE, Marietta GA 30066

Bring your animals, small and big. Bring your pets and human friends


Ribbon Cutting!

Did we get big-enough Scissors?


Construction Finished!

Glory be to God!


Updated on October 26, 2016. Waiting for the latest Aerial Photos, as well.

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Click here to see the video of the highlights of the Ground Blessing and Ground Breaking

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Our Greek Festival – a Great Success!

May 13, 14 & 15, 2016

Glory be to God!


Thank you to all of you who worked so hard to make this the best ever Greek Festival at Holy Transfiguration

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The photos are courtesy of Stratis Papageorgiou Photography

Video Summary of Holy Week at our Parish-2016


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by “Stratis Papageorgiou Photography


Holy Saturday – Anticipating the Resurrection


Photos of Holy Week and Pascha 2016 – click here to see them

Photos courtesy of “Stratis Papageorgiou Photography

Holy Friday – Procession of Epitaphios

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Click here to see more photos from Holy Friday 2016

Photos courtesy of “Stratis Papageorgiou Photography


Palm Sunday Celebration

Palm Sunday-2016-6524


Video by Stratis Papageorgiou

Preparing the palm crosses on the Saturday of Lazarus 



Video by Stratis Papageorgiou


“Our Faith, Our Future” Capital Campaign

We are moving forward with the new construction and renovations

Parish Assembly-Unaminous Vote-5-31-2015-small

Photo: Courtesy of Alex Paulson

The Parish Assembly Approved Unanimously the Plans for the Buildings

Our parish is preparing to provide generations of its members for years to come with the ability to worship, be educated in the faith and celebrate as a family the Life and Teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ, allowing God to transform their own lives through His Love.

Watch Videos of the Presentations at the Gala

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Fr. Panayiotis’ Inspirational Speech about the Future of our Parish Click here to view

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“Our Faith, Our Future” – where we came from and where we are going!

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Click here to view all the videos of the presentations at the Gala of February 7


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