We are a Greek Orthodox parish, part of the oldest Christian tradition dating back to 33 A.D., the day of Pentecost. 
We trace our roots back to the Apostles and their teachings.
We are a stronghold of the moral, theological, liturgical and spiritual traditions of the Early Church.
We invite you to come and join us to experience the worship of Early Christianity in a modern setting.

What is the Greek Orthodox Church? – Click here to view and download a flyer



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Train a child-smaller

We need to immerse our children in an Orthodox Life of Faith so that they may remain later

Orthodox Christian Education begins from the womb and continues through life


Catechism Teachers’ Seminar & Workshop

Learning how to teach the Faith to our children

On Saturday, August 16, 2014, we held a Seminar/Workshop for our Sunday School Teachers. We try to meet twice a year to learn more and sharpen our teaching skills so that we can improve our Sunday School Program. Our children deserve all the effort we are putting into this.

Fr. Panayiotis made a presentation on “Salvation & Redemption” comparing the Orthodox understanding of salvation to other ideas circulating in our society today. Click here to see and download the presentation: http://www.holytransfiguration.info/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Salvation-Redemption-Main.pdf

Paul Lundberg offered a way to create lesson plans for the younger children as well as the high school kids. Connie Kollias gave a presentation on teaching techniques to help the teachers be more effective in the classroom. See photos from the event below.

For more information on our program, please contact David Limbaugh, Director of Catechism at daviddotlinebaugh@gmail.com.