Fr. Panayiotis’ Message for Thanksgiving

Dear friends and parishioners,

I greet you with great joy as we celebrate the Feast of Thanksgiving.

My prayers are with you and your families during this national holiday which brings families together and helps us reconnect with those we care for and love. On this day, as we share the Thanksgiving meal with our loved ones, we also consider our blessings and offer Glory to God for everything!

Hence, I offer thanks to God personally for the privilege to be your priest and encourage you to join me for worship services as often as possible at the Ultimate Thanksgiving Meal, the Holy Eucharist, the Holy Communion, where we join ourselves to Christ through His Holy Body and Precious Blood and thus join also to one another as the One Church, the Body of Christ.

It is also with great joy that I would like to report to you that our Parish is growing and flourishing. We have added many new members in the last few years and we have realized the need to expand our buildings so that we may better serve our people by increasing the space and adding to the ministries of our parish. With God’s help we have been able to build the new facilities. We invite you to enjoy the new spaces and take advantage of the many ministries we offer.

On this Feast of Thanksgiving, I am very grateful to God for all this and I call on all of you to join me to offer thanks to God, as well, for all His Blessings!

I would also ask you to join me on Sunday, or any day when we serve the Vespers, Orthros or Divine Liturgy to offer thanks to God again and again and receive His Grace and spiritual Gifts.

May you have a Joyous and Blessed Thanksgiving!

In Christ’s Love,

Fr. Panayiotis

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