The Gentleness of God

There is a very unique tenderness in the feast of Christmas; God has lowered Himself to reach us, and He has gone all the way as He lowered Himself to the ultimate gentleness, fragility and vulnerability of a baby. This is one of those real human moments that God has embraced, which make us stand in awe at His love for us.
As a newborn child He is inviting us to also become gentle, vulnerable and tender, to become like Him in every way.
This awesome feast provides a great opportunity for reflection on the state of our lives and a time to reconsider the way we deal with each other. This is the time to forgive each other’s failings and start afresh, to cleanse our hearts and open our minds to His Grace.
Then, joy will fill our hearts, and the Spirit of God will dwell among us. Then, we will hear with the humble shepherds the angelic hymn “Glory to God in the Highest and on Earth Peace, Good Will to Humankind.”

Christ is Born, my brothers and sisters! Christ is Born, Glorify Him!

Fr. Panayiotis

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